[BS/RBS list] MaorSeniors invites you to tour IAF Museum and Avraham's Well Visitor's Center

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Thu Sep 28 05:41:56 EDT 2017

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MaorSeniors invites you to participate in an English speaking tour of the
IAF Museum near Beersheva on Wednesday, October 18.  During the bus ride, we
will have a talk on the history of the Israeli Air Force from an expert on
the subject, Moshe Ginz.   
Leaving Nahal Maor 6, RBS A:   8:30AM
Bring lunch and picnic at the Museum
(You  may buy ice cream and snacks at the museum)
Arrive back:  3:00 PM (or a bit later).
Cost: 50NIS /members ;  70NIS /non-members
Yearly membership is  30NIS/person

RSVP by October 9 to Harris Isaacs 02 999 6438; payment to Harris at 10/15
Nahal Maor, RBS A. 
In addition to the tour, we will be adding an exciting additional stop to
the IAF museum trip.  We will  visit a new center called Avraham's Well
Visitor's Center. There they will be giving us a guided tour of an ancient
well attributed to Avraham in the old quarter of Beersheva. Their center
details Avraham's story as well as the history of Beersheba including a 3D

G'Mar Chatima Tova   

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