[BS/RBS list] Riding Therapy Registration/ Horse back riding Course

דוידה וקחי davidasfarm at gmail.com
Sun Sep 24 15:24:36 EDT 2017

Riding therapy through the health services... we're opening another day do
to demand... call to reserve.

Women's Riding Club.... need a few more women to get started.  Optional
morning or afternoon hrs.... you deserve it... come discover the view
around your area on horse back.

Cute rabbits, assorted parrots, chickens, chicks, ducklings for sale.

Family Happening on the farm during Chol Hamoed Sukkot and Isro chag.  Hrs
10-17, erev chag -15:00

For details and registration Davida from the farm in Moshav Yishi 0505
739899  Liscensed riding instructor and riding therapist

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