[BS/RBS list] Step into the New Year pain-free!

Ruth Avraham Zimberg shirchadash at hotmail.com
Sun Sep 24 05:40:11 EDT 2017

Dr. Avraham Zimberg, DPM welcomes Dr. Daniel Pollack DPM to his Beit Shemesh office.   Dr. Pollack is an American-trained podiatrist, who offers FULL FOOT CARE  services for the entire family, treating foot pain, bunions hammertoes,  ingrown toenails, fungi, plantar faciatis, and more.

Dr. Zimberg continues in his practice, especially offering consultations and prescribing and providing top quality, custom made orthotics.

For information/appointment, please call 054 543 7775.

Wishing all Israel a G'mar Chatima Tova.

R. Zimberg

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