[BS/RBS list] helping the families that don't know where to turn

Judy Green judygreenis at gmail.com
Mon Sep 18 06:02:00 EDT 2017

>              Hello everyone!I This is Judy Green! I hope this letter finds you feeling well and happily preparing for the Chagim  Unfortunately there are many people who are not so happy!    When YomTov comes along ,it is an extra major stretch for these people to put food on their tables!!As we sit at our tables with every kind of meat, chicken and delicacy, there are literally people that can barely feed themselves! I am trying to do the best I can to help out 70 struggling families with chicken for Yom Tov and I am far from my goal. I still need to raise approximately 5000$.. Whatever you can do to help, would be amazing! If you are able to pitch in please write a check out to Yad Eliezer for your tax receipts and please drop off at 4/1 Nachal Alexander, by the Green family. You are welcome to call 0542124015 and I will pick up your donation, If you decide to help, please email or whats ap me so I can calculate how much more I have to raise. I am trying my best IyH not to say no to any of these families This community is not covered by the Kupa or Lemaan Achai so they were falling thru the cracks and someone from their community  knew that they must be helped. Please do what you can   Shana Tova,  Judy

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