[BS/RBS list] Make this event your Tzdaka for Yamim Nora'aiml: Bar -Bat Mitzva for 101 children at risk

שרה שפיצר sara at s-tikva.org.il
Sun Sep 17 02:18:26 EDT 2017

Dear List Readers,

On Thursday,  29th Tishrei (October 19th), 2017 Shaalei Tikva will be honored to celebrate the Bar and Bat mitzvahs of 101 boys and girls from  at risk families with a daylong celebration in Jerusalem. The youths will come from across Israel each one with their own unique story and personal challenges that have lead them to where they are today.

The day will begin in the holy and magical aura of the Kotel in the Old City of Jerusalem, followed by a trip to the Armon HaNetziv promenade beautiful view overlooking the old city, and finally with a festive meal at the Ramat Rachel hotel.

Each Bar mitzvah boy  will receive a  new Tefillin and Tallit set, with a personalized embroidered bag, and personalized Siddur. Respected guests will include: Harav Shlomo Amar – HaRishon LeZion,  MK Tzipi Hotoveli (Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs) and Rabbi Rachamim Nissimi (Chairman of Shaalei Tikva).

So far $25,000 have been contributed, and we have yet $20,000 to cover the costs of the day.

Each pair of Tefilin costs 1800nis.

Make this cause your Tzdaka this Elul.

To donate please call me at: 054-3331347 or 1-800-200-430 or online: www.shaaleitivka.org<http://www.shaaleitivka.org.il>
All donations are tax deductible in Israel and in the U.S

May you be zoche to a Shana Tova filled with Nachas and blessings, to you and yours.

Ktiva Vechatima Tova,

Sara Shpitzer
sara at s-tikva.org.il<mailto:sara at s-tikva.org.il>

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