[BS/RBS list] PSA: Attention NEW OLIM (and their neighbors/friends): SLIPPERY ROADS and Hot water alert!!!

Shifra Friedman shifty at bezeqint.net
Fri Sep 15 01:17:52 EDT 2017

1.    First rain of the season this morning!  
Everyone needs to be aware that the first rain of the season
causes the oil in the roads to rise up (or something to that effect) making
the streets 

I have had my car really slide around even when I was driving very slowly.

So let's be VERY careful out there.....

2.    The weather is changing!  Cloudy days are coming and that means 
that you may find  yourself without (free) hot water:

This is my yearly warning to all new olim who may not be aware of
how they're getting their hot water.  All friends and neighbors of new olim
should please check with them to make sure they get this information.

Most of you are used to having hot water flow from your faucet, day in 
and day out, from the gas or electric hot-water heater in the basement. 
Here in Israel, most of the year, your water is heated for FREE! by 
solar enerygy via the "dud shemesh" (solar heater) on the roof of your home.

As long as there's a stretch of sunshine  during the day,
those solar heaters are very effective.  But in order to provide a backup
for winter days with little sun or even a warm but CLOUDY day, your dud
has an electric component that you can turn on to warm the water.

Somewhere in your house or apartment there's a red switch high up on
a wall, usually near one of the bathrooms, that controls the electric water
heater.  You turn this on for anywhere from 45 minutes to 1.5 hours 
depending on how old the system is and how cold the tank of water has
You DON'T want to forget to turn it off as it's expensive to run!!

Sometimes the switch has been replaced with an electric timer so that
you can set it to go on and off automatically, like before you wake up for
who like your early morning showers. 

This has been a public service announcement.  :-)

Shifra Friedman
(If someone could pass this on to the RBS lists, it would be appreciated)

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