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*Short Term Rentals for the High Holidays! Call 054-319-1310 now! *

**Ramat Bet Shemesh Alef: **

NEW on the Market:

LACHISH - 4 rms, ground floor, private entrance, 137m, storage room,
parking, view - 1.400.000NIS

EIN GEDI - 5 RMs, bright and airy, large garden, private entrance

RAMAT SHILO - 6 RM Duplex, upgraded kitchen, large living room -

KISHON - 4.5 RMs, 150m, 3rd floor, elevator, mirpeset - 1.750.000NIS

EIN GEDI- 4.5 RM garden apartment duplex, 1st floor, 114m, mirpeset, view -

RAMAT SHILO - 8RM Cottage with a rental unit, 3.100.000NIS

EIN GEDI - 3 RMs, big living room, 87m, option for one more room, 37m
separate living unit rented out for 2600NIS/month, - 1.650.000NIS

EIN GEDI - 5 RM plus closed balcony,  large backyard, motivated sellers, -

KISHON - 4 rms, balcony, option to build on roof 54 ms registered in Tabu,
beautiful view! - 1.330.000NIS

DOLEV - 5.5 rms, A/C, 2.5 baths, machsan, low floor w/ elevator, central
location- 1.800.000NIS

**Ramat Bet Shemesh Bet:* *

RIBAZ - 5.5 RMs on one level, private entrance, wrap around garden,
upgraded kitchen, large laundry room, 2 rental units - 2000NIS each, close
to shul,- 1.900.000NIS

HAYARDEN 17- 4.5 RMs, upgraded kitchen, spacious service porch -

**Ramat Bet Shemesh Gimmel:**

RBSG  - 2 Penthouses in the center of RBSG
            - 4 rms and 5 rms ( can be bought separately or together)
            - breath taking views!
Call Aron Pachter at 054-585-3732

MOSHE RABBEINU -  4 rms, 106m, renovated apartment, Shabbat elevator,
storage, parking, Sukkah balcony, handicap accessible, stunning views,
close to main RBSG shopping center - 1.500.000NIS

HABAKUK HANAVI---VILLA - 7 RMs, option for 3 rental units, call for details

MOSHE RABEINU --- 5 RMs, large living room and kitchen, 120m, covered
parking, 1.700.000NIS

YECHEZKEL HANAVI -- 6 rm duplex, bright and airy, 160m, large master
bedroom, , new upgraded kitchen, 80m garden, view! - 2.000.000NIS


*MAAPELEI EGOZ* - 180m  duplex - 1.950.000NIS

**Givat Savyon:**

HAETROG- 9 RM triplex, large, bright rooms, built in closets, separate
living unit, huge yard - 2.800.000NIS

HAAGAS - 7 RM triplex, large rooms, 3 bathrooms plus jacuzzi, huge garden
with lots of fruit trees 2.600.000NIS

HAETROG 5RM, Semi-detached, 160m, upgraded kitchen, large master bedroom,
option to build separate living unit,  2.370.000NIS

HAHADAR- 340m triplex, option to add another floor, 2 master bedrooms,
parking - 2.900.000NIS

HAOREN - 6.5 rm villa, 200m, plus 100 garden - front and backyard, 35 m
separate living unit, A/C , private parking - 2.520.000NIS

GIMMEL 2: NEW project - 7 rms! - huge salon! Call Aron Pachter
at  054-585-3732


HANURIT- 5 rooms, huge living room, renovated (rented) housing unit 62 sqm,
built 236 square meters, 120 m² large backyard, 40 m² garden (front),
 private parking- 2.200.000NIS

YEKUTIEL ADAM- renovated 5 rm duplex, bright and airy, 1st floor, 140m,
option to build another 50m - 1.630.000NIS

YEKUTIEL ADAM - renovated 6 rm duplex,1st floor,  138m plus 28m balcony,
excellent location!, - 1.720.000NIS

HANARKIS- 4 rms, 83m, renovated, A/C,  near Kupat Cholim, shopping center,
pre-schools- 910.000NIS

ALBERT MENDLER- bright 5 rms, 100m plus 128m garden , renovated, master
bedroom, option to add separate living unit, close to schools and shuls -

SHMUEL GONEN - 4 rms, option to build another 22m on roof, balcony, clean
building, nice neighborhood

BAR ILAN - newly renovate 4rms, masterbedroom, garden, storage room-

SHDEROT HADEKEL- 75m, 4th floor, 3 new a/c units - 1.190.000NIS

KALMAN MAGEN - 3rms, 80m, 40m balcony, well kept apartment- 1.300.000NIS

**Migdal HaMayim:* *

HAARBEL- Apartment, 4 RMs, 1st floor, balcony, master bedroom, great

HAHERMON - 7RM cottage, 188m, 2.290.000NIS

HAARBEL- 4 rms, 11 m mirpeset shemesh, renovated and well kept -

HAHERMON- 4 rms, ground floor through garden/1st floor through the
building, 120m plus 50 m garden, great location-close to Naimi Mall-

DERECH YITZCHAK RABIN/HATIVAT HAREL--5 rms, 2nd floor, balcony, 121m,
bright and airy, central location- 1.420.000NIS

HAARBEL- 7rms, master bedroom, 160m, 3rd floor, 2 separate kitchens
(fleishig and milchig), 3 large balconies, renovated, amazing view! -

HAGOLAN - 4 rms, 2nd floor, master bedroom, balcony, 10m storage rm,
laundry room, 1.500.000NIS

SIMTAT ALIYAT HANOAR - Newly renovated apartment , 4 rooms, 114 meters
New, modern kitchen, 30 meter balcony., 40 meter garden, A/C, mamad-

HAR TUV- Amazing 5.5 RM penthouse duplex, excellent location: 2 mins from
the Naimi Mall. quiet, bright and airy, upgraded kitchen, 2 balconies, lots
of added features, breathtaking view- REDUCED PRICE:  1.420.000NIS

*Merkaz Beit Shemesh (Center)*

RECHOV  HASHEVA - renovated 5 rms, 106m, new kitchen, A/C, option for
master bedroom - 1.270.000NIS

RECHOV DALIA - 55m, plus 300m garden, quiet area- 1.380.000NIS

HAALIYAH- Next to BIG, high standard, 1 year old apartment  4 rms 100m, 3rd
floor, 3 elevators in the building, 12 m balcony, parking, upgraded -

Old Beit Shemesh:

HERTZEL - 3rms, 65m, 1st floor, A/C, bars, 950.000NIS


NECHUSHA, Villa, 5RMs, 200m, best view of the mountains, 3.000.000NIS

ZECHARYA, Villa, 7 RMs, 250m, great views, option for rental unit,


*Commercial Property for Sale:*

Eizor Taasiya North - Store or Office-120 meters, 1.300.000NIS

Eizor Taasiya North - Store or Office- 240 meters, 2.500.000NIS

*Commercial Property for Rent:*

Eizor Taasiya North - 80m Commercial Structure (needs renovation) -plus
140m land - 6000NIS per month - long term

Offices for Rent in the Beit Shemesh Court Building --CALL for details

*HOMES FOR RENT* (- partial list)

5 rms- Lachish - 5300NIS
6 rm - Yarkon - 6500NIS

3rms and 5 rms

5 rms - 4500NIS
4 rms - 3800NIS
3 rms - 3200NIS


Jerusalem - 4 RMs next to Binyanei HaUmah and Cinema City, balcony, 2
parking spaces, new kosher kitchen, 2 bathrooms, Shabbos elevator

For details call David Eri at 054-319-1310 or e-mail to
davideri at royalrealty.co.il

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David Eri
Broker - Real Estate Advisor
*El HaNeches - Royal Realty*
davideri at royalrealty.co.il

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