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Sun Sep 10 08:15:22 EDT 2017

Managing the building maintenance is too much of a hassle?

Collecting the monthly payments from all the tenants is a headache?

Dealing with the cleaning, repairs etc. is taking up too much time?

Call *keepUp*!!

*KeepUp* provides maintenance and management services for residential

For example, we provide:

·        Management of the house committee (*Va'ad Bayit*),

·        Collection of the monthly payments from the tenants,

·        Building cleaning on a weekly basis (and when needed),

·        Building maintenance services,

·        Bills payments (i.e. Electricity,elevator,repair etc.),

·        Service center available for tenant inquiries and malfunctions,

·        Assistance in handling and preventing building mishaps,

·        Etc.

All you should do is:

Call Naftali for more information 053-3197068

(English speaking)

Or email at:

keepup9383 at gmail.com

We will take care of the rest!

-- Small local business


*ניהול ועד בית אחזקה וניקיון keepup*
העול שלנו השקט שלכם

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