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Sat Sep 9 23:15:12 EDT 2017

Ladies, this is for you, with love.

Your emotions are keen and nagging at you...
Or they are dulled and distant.

Your brain is racing to cover the bases...
Or it is tired and foggy.

Your body feels energized...
Or you feel draggy, or off the mark.

Please take your "score" above, seriously.

Please re-balance and realign your days and nights so that you feel harmony with your purpose!

You can't find health without it.

Your children need it.

Your husband craves the peace and smiles it brings.

Make the most of your new year.

Call, so we can talk?
If I don't pick up the phone, leave your name and as with everyone, I will call you back.


Sarah Alpert, MA FMP
   Dating & Marriage Support
   Nutritional & General Psychology
   Functional Medicine Consultation

02-995-3300 or FB pm
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