[BS/RBS list] inspiring Chai Elul Program with Rabbi Nissan Dubov

Susan Barth simchagemach at gmail.com
Mon Sep 4 17:02:53 EDT 2017

Come join Heichal Menachem-Chabad on Dolev
in celebrating Chai Elul
with an uplifting and inspirational Shabbaton and Melava Malka Sept 9
featuring  Rabbi Nissan Dubov -internationally recognized speaker

Friday Mincha 6.35pm
Followed by Shiur by Rabbi Dubov
Kabbalas Shabbos 7.15pm
Oneg Shabbos at Rabbi and Mrs Farro - Nachal El Al 4/1 at 9.30pm, Men and
ladies welcome

Chassidus Shiur with Rabbi Dubov 8.45am - Men and ladies welcome
Shacharit - 9.45am
Followed immediately by full Shabbos Seuda and Fabrengen with Rabbi Dubov

There will be a special program for the children during the fabrengen.
We would appreciate of a donation of 100 shekels per family towards the
costs of the meal.

Mincha 6.05pm followed by Seuda Shlishit

Gala Malava Malka at 8.30pm at the Beis Tefilla Simcha Hall,
 50 shekels per person
contact Akiva Levine akivale at gmail.com to make a reservation

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