[BS/RBS list] Amazing Torah Project by a local RBS resident

howard fabian fabian.howard31 at gmail.com
Sat Sep 2 16:46:46 EDT 2017

Please take a look at this and add yourself to the e-mail list - you will
recognise many of the local Rabbonim who have given their wisdom and time
to the project.

This is NOT a request for a donation - just to promote a local RBS project
which will soon be featured in Mishpacha Magazine

*In a Nutshell*

60 Second Wisdom. The goal of this project is to reveal the beauty and
ancient wisdom of the Torah to ALL Jews around the world. 1 drop at a time.
This will be done with micro sized (60 Seconds Plus) custom-filmed videos
of empowering Jewish thoughts given by various speakers on a variety of
timely topics on a daily to weekly basis.

Short videos are easy to watch, fun to share, and fit into everyone’s

This project has just begun so stay tuned for more!
Howard Fabian

RBS Resident

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