[BS/RBS list] Rabbi Orlofsky speaking on Nov. 6 at the Likrat Kallah event

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Tue Oct 31 17:16:20 EDT 2017

Like to laugh and be inspired at the same time?
Then you don't want to miss out on a spectacular shiur given by Rabbi Dovid
Orlofksy at Likrat Kallah's annual event..

Like to indulge in breathtaking desserts and specialty salads?
Then you don't want to miss out on Likrat Kallah's spectacular annual event
on Nov. 6

Like a really good Chinese Auction and a giant raffle?
Then, quick buy your tickets from our -*traveling saleslady*:  054-549-6078s
or just come to the event on Nov. 6 at Beis Tefilla  and buy them there.

Please join Likrat Kallah, a proud project of Lemaan Achai, as we host our
annual evening at Beis Tefilla on Nov. 6.
Likrat Kallah is celebrating their Bar Mitzvah year and we have a beautiful
evening planned just for you :
 wonderful food
beautiful decorations
beyond amazing 41 Chinese auction gifts and over 100 raffle gifts
a moving clip about the work we do in Likrat Kallah
Rabbi Orlofsky!

It's not just fun....it's a mitzvah.
Every penny you spend, goes straight to helping the brides who turn to us
everyday by enabling us to buy seven useful household items for each bride.

With your help, Likrat Kallah has merited , BiSiyata Dishmaya, to help 3602
brides in 13 years.

So, come to Likrat Kallah's evening for yourself and for the kallahs.  It's
truly a win-win situation.

Looking forward to seeing you there!!

Here's a complete list of our Chinese auction gifts and a sneak preview at
the raffle gifts:


*1 for 40 nis, 12 for 360 nis*

Complete Braces from Dr. Edo Lavi-a gift valued at 12,800 nis!!!*

*PRIZES:  each prize is worth a minimum of 500 nis!!!  Really "worth it"

*1 for 25 nis , or 6 for 100 nis (quite a bargain!!!)*

You choose which prize you wantt to win.  We'll try our hardest!
Just let us know which prizes you want to win this year.

   1. Fill up your grocery cart at *Osher Ad*-*1000 nis*
   2. Gas Up at *Sonol*-500 nis*
   3. Relax at *Kibbutz Lavi*- one night free for a couple
   4. Learn to drive with **Eli Dahan*-5 lessons and internal test for
   free-a gift valued at 830 nis*
   5. *Ikea*-500 nis*
   6. 5000 nis off an wig at *Sara Baila*
   7. Treat yourself to something stunning-*Diamond earrings from *Tzvi
   Hager *valued at 3,500 nis*
   8. *Bazaar Strauss* - 500 nis,
   9.  Relax at* ISpa*-   500 nis
   10. Dress up with *Tamnun*-500 nis
   11. Play at *Pirate Haadom*-500 nis
   12. *Dream Card*-700 nis
   13. Eat out at  *Cafe Cafe*(Kanfei Nesharim) 500 nis
   14. *Mesubin*-500 nis
   15. *Pinsky Jewelers*-500 nis
   16. *Perfect Clean*  dry cleaning- 500 nis
   17. *Best Market-*500 nis
   18. *Lebo's* - Mens suit valued at 600 nis
   19. *Raphaeli*-500 nis
   20. *City Shop* 500 nis
   21. Swimming at the *Country*-16 entrances
   22. *Max Stock* 500 nis
   23. Outdoor family photo session from *Eugene Weisberg*
   24. *Talia's Designer Basics lingerie *500 nis
   25. *Matanel *Gold Based Judaica Engraving worth 890 shekel
   26. *Shear Beauty*-bridal makeup or makeup and hair for two
   27. Beautiful rug from *Kelaty Rugs*
   28. Anonymously donated 9 prong crystal candelabra
   29. *1st point*-3 $150 calling cards (each card is a separate Chinese
   auction gift)
   30. Beaded necklace from *Penina Reichinberg*
   31. 3 hours of recording time in *Jeff Horvitch's recording studio*
   32. Shabbat for two from *Weissmandl catering*
   33. 1.5 hours of private Krav Mega teaching from *Martial Arts Academy*
   34. *Great Israel Tours-*1 day of touring
   35. *Dr. Gofer-*dental check ups and cleanings for two adults and two
   36. *Toby Batya Photography*-makeover and photo shoot for two people
   37. Nescafe Dolce Gusto coffee machine-Jovia from DeLonghi, anonymously
   38. Face Painting for a Birthday party, valued at 600 nis from *Hannah

*1 for 10 nis , 8 for 50 nis*
We pick your name out of a box-it's a random win, unlike the Chinese
auction where you decided which gifts you'd like to win.

Here are just some of the gifts:

   - 150 nis coupon *from Katzefet!!! ( a must in every household!)
   - breakfast at Bleeker Bakery

   - *100nis coupons *from*
   - Bedek Bayit,
   - Supernal,
   - Mercaz Hanal,
   - Tachshitai Regal
   - Top Clean

   - *50 nis coupons* from *
   - Sashimi,
   - Momtekai Kobi,
   -  Dovi Dagim,
   - Pitzuchai Amit,
   - Parisers,
   - Aluf Hadfus,
   - Shipud B'Rama,
   - Clean and Fresh Dry cleaning,
   - Lior's Children's clothing,
   - Glamorous Herrings
   - Bowling from Reshet Arbel
   - Handy Randy-1 hr. service
   - Massages from Jenny Zelcer, Devorah Fish, Sheera Sherman
   - Flowers from Pirchai Iris and Gal Shel Perachim
   - Sheets and Silverware from Chamsa v'Kesef

            *More Gifts*

   - Challa Board from Otzar Hamelech
   - Pri-hadar-vegetable platter
   - one month of spinning classes from Jolene Sonnenberg
   - Soap Bars from Jerusalem Soap Company
   - 3 salads from Liz's Lites
   - Hand Towels from Arthur's Pharmacy
   - silver necklaces with a pendant from Gold n' Pearl
   - and this is just the tip of the iceberg!

Our Sponsors:

**Double Diamond Sponsors*: *
Debbie Sassen Financial Planner,
Camp Kee Tov

**Diamond Sponsors*: *
Yehudis Schamrot-Acupuncture
Leeba Rosenthal of BeSimcha Party Planning
Design and Musikef-Judy Clark
Super Pharm, (Big Fashion)
Gold Insurance
Dr. Jonathan Links

**Platinum Sponsors**:
RBS Gelt Center,
Now My PC Works. Com,

**Gold Sponsors**:
Holy Bagel,
Dr. Brim, Chiropractor
Lili SockShop
J-10 Pizza

**Silver Sponsors: **
At Your Service Cleaner Referral Service
Hakol L'Shulchan
Adina Suslovich, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy

6 anonymous sponsors
 one sponsorship is for: לע״נ חנה רחל בת משה

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