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Sun Oct 29 16:58:10 EDT 2017

Josh Phaff's World of Fun is the new toy and shtick store everyone is
talking about! Its the one-stop shop for the most unique toys, gifts and
*shticky* things on the planet! Here you’ll find a dazzling selection of
unique, fun, quirky, creative and nostalgic toys, gifts & *tchatchkas*. New
items arriving EVERY week! Indulge yourself in the joy of childhood at Josh
Phaff’s World of Fun!

The American Girl Doll Collection has just arrived! Big selection of
beautiful dolls, clothes and accessories!

Give a World of Fun Gift Certificate for your next Bar Mitzvah or birthday
present! Its a really unique and memorable gift -you'll score very well!;)

*Store hours For :** Sun-Thurs. 3-7pm. Friday 10:30-1:30pm.   *

*Shop On-Line! www.worldoffun.co.il <http://www.worldoffun.co.il>*

*Josh Phaff*

*RBS A: *Under the Yesh supermarket in the "Parking-Lot Mini Mall".
*JERUSALEM:* Rav Shefa Mall-2nd Floor, 16 Shamgar St

* See why everyone is raving about Josh Phaff's World of Fun*. Here are a
few comments heard from kids and adults in the new store.

*"Wow! this is a hidden treasure!" *
*"This is the best store for a Bar Mitzvah boy!"*
*"I didnt think the store would be this cool!"*
*"Beit Shemesh needs a real toy store like this with the good quality toys"*
*"This is my favorite store now"*
*"This is my kinda shop!"*
*"Im gonna buy out this store when I get a chance!"*
*"your a really good sales person. Your funny. You should do birthday
parties!" *(I do!;)
*"you should open up more branches"*
*"You have all the cool toys!"*
*"This is really a fun shop!"*
*"I think my son found a new store that he's going to be coming to
everyday" *(so far he has!:)
*"These are the good toys not the ones at the Shekel store"*
*"OK. We must go. Its dangerous being here. I'm gonna start buying
*"Wow! you have so many toys that I grew up with"*


World of Fun

Cell: 054-474-8425
US: 347-502-2618
UK: 203-642-8452
Fax: 057-796-1967

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