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M Mayim mayim36 at gmail.com
Sun Oct 29 08:41:14 EDT 2017

Bandleader Moshe Myers, has years of experience running one of the top
Simcha and event bands in Toronto, and can offer his talents to make your
Simcha Event a huge success! Moshe is a pianist/vocalist/keyboard player
and works with other top singers and musicians in Israel.

Most recently, Moshe has been the On-Call Pianist at the Waldorf Astoria
Hotel in Jerusalem and has performed there for the hotel bar and lounge
many times over the past few years. He is well versed in many styles of
music including Simcha music, light classics, Jazz, Pop, Klezmer and more.
Solo, Duo, trio and full band available.

To make your event truly special and unique, please contact Moshe at
0546-319-781 or
moshemyers1 at gmail.com

<moshemyers1 at gmail.com>
" <moshemyers1 at gmail.com>Local small business"

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