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The Time to Digitize Your Precious Memories is NOW!!!

My cousin passed away a few years ago.  When her daughter cleaned out her 
mother's apartment she found a box of old family photographs.  She looked 
inside and realized that there were a number of photo's where she couldn't 
identify any of the people.  As such, she threw away the whole box.  All 
that visual family history is GONE!!!

About a year ago a friend approached me and asked me if I could do anything 
to save his photo's.  He had a large plastic storage box filled with 
photographs - at least two thousand.  Unfortunately he had a fire in his 
apartment.  The smoke damage from the fire combined with the water damage 
from the firemen destroyed all the photographs.  Once again, visual family 
history destroyed, gone FOREVER!!!

These are exceptional cases, but situations do happen.  Protect your family 
history.  If you haven't digitized your old family photographs, it's time 
to do it now.  Insurance companies will not insure a photograph collection. 
 When it's gone, it's gone.  Don't wait until it's too late.

Not only will you preserve your images, but one of the major advantages to 
digitizing is that you can share them with other family members and friends.

When deciding who to use to preserve those images, ensure they have the 

1. Quality, professional equipment
2. A professional background in photography
3. Insist on viewing samples of their photo restoration work

I have been involved in the photography industry for over 30 years as a 
photojournalist.  My work has taken me around the world and my photographs 
have been published in several popular publications, including Newsweek, 
Paris Match, Time Magazine, just to name a few. We have the tools to 
professionally scan photographs, slides and negatives, which can then be 
enhanced, color corrected, retouched and or digitally restore damaged 
photographs to their former beauty!

Reasonably priced.

Contact us directly for a quote

Kevin Unger
Local Area Small Business

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