[BS/RBS list] Nov. 6-Likrat Kallah's annual spectacular evening out for YOU!

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Sat Oct 28 17:23:32 EDT 2017

Likrat Kallah, a proud project of Lemaan Achai,  is so excited to invite
you to our annual event with speaker Rabbi Dovid Orlofsky
Monday-Nov. 6
Beis Tefilla, Nachal Refaim 34
Doors open at 7:30
Admission-35nis (this is maaser money) or a new gift for a Kallah of equal
or greater value

This is one great night out with friends, fine cuisine, inspiration and the
mitzva of hachnasat Kallah!

This year we have 41 Chinese auction gifts  and 101 raffle gifts!!!
Every penny you spend goes straight to the kallahs so you  can use your
maaser money.

Come with an appetite.  Salads if you are on a diet and cakes, brownies,
cookies and more if you aren't!

This year's event is replete with the most sensational decoratons in honor
of our Bar Mitzva year (  thanks to the creativity of Gilat Weiner) and a
beautiful clip about our work(thanks to Aryella Epstein)    It will be a
treat to see!

Likrat Kallah helps Jewish brides throughout Israel, regardless of their
religious or political affiliation   But who are the brides that Likrat
Kallah helps?
**Sometimes, they come from hardworking families who struggle with day to
day expenses and find the demands of putting a wedding together to be
**And sometimes, their story is one that brings a tear to one's eyes.
  *One kallah filled out her form, awaiting her wedding day in Elul.  Her
father had so recently passed away-in Sivan.  On the form, where she was
asked to fill in her father's name and his occupation, her response showed
how raw the pain she was suffering from was.   She wrote her father's name
and then filled in that he is now learning in Gan Eden.
  * Another kallah who came to our door last month was a convert from
  * A bride turned to us from a broken home where she has absolutely no
contact with her father.
   *Likrat Kallah helped another bride who  had been through a divorce
herself and was marrying a second time, with a child from her previous
  *Still another bride turned to us because she must pay for most of her
own living expenses.  Her parents are divorced and she has opted to live in
a dorm and must support herself.

This past year we have merited to help hundreds of brides-and we want to
keep doing that, Be'ezrat H-shem.
So help us  make it happen!
See you at the event-Monday night, Nov. 6!!!!!

*Pre-order your tickets by calling:  054-549-6078*
n *Nofei Aviv*-Ruchie Bromberg ruchieb at gmail.com
In *Sheinfeld*-Ellen Shapiro  davelshapiro at gmail.com
                     Hadassah Aftel  *Reuven 89b   992-4714 *
In *RBS Gimmel * Samantha Abrahams   foreverfitrbs at gmail.com
In *RBS Aleph*-Ariel Sara Gerowitz  arielsarag at gmail.com     054-809-2207

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