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Sat Oct 28 15:00:54 EDT 2017

Many people have them. But if you are not coping well, are losing sleep, feeling anxiety, call for a consultation.

Your pain, quite often, is headquartered in your brain.

So our work includes a John Sarno approach, and more. 

As needed, a Functional Medicine analysis, a hormone evaluation, a Neurotherapy baseline testing, and a complete dietary analysis can all work together in our Healing Pain Program.

Most of the time? Reversing the pain is not difficult or expensive. We have been doing this for a long time, B"H.

Don't suffer.

Do call.  02-995-3300

Sarah Alpert, MA FMP
      Nutritional & General Psychology
      Functional Medicine Consultant

Helping people heal since 1994

(RBSA local business, in office or out), or via technologies anywhere)

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