[BS/RBS list] Does anyone know?

Ruth posnruth at gmail.com
Wed Oct 25 14:22:04 EDT 2017

Could be Rozo DeShabbos?
Seen Shtisel so many times-it  might be this one

BTW Watch out for Dov Glickmen, who plays Shtisel, appearing at Mofaim,
the  auditorium at Kibbutz Tzorah-coming in April!! Watch out for
announcements on the List.
Today they hosted Chani Nachmias, well known for children's TV shows and
other shows, narrating "Peter and the Wolf", Prokofiev's well known opera
for kids-using every musical instrument!
If you happened to have watched "Shtisel" last night, and you know the name
of the song that was sung by the famous chazzan, Pierre Pinchik, during the
credits at the end of the show, please let me know.


Ruth Siegman

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