[BS/RBS list] Shlomo Carlebach Yahrtzeit Lecture

Jenny Shain jenny at ohr.co.za
Wed Oct 25 13:37:39 EDT 2017

The community is invited to attend a fascinating
*Reb Shlomo Yahrtzeit Lecture*
by the very talented *Rabbi Chaim Dalfin, author of The Real Shlomo & Rosh
Kollel, Kollel Bet Shemesh*
topics included in lecture:
*Lakewood and Lubavitch*
*House of Love & Prayer*
*Worldwide Impact*
book signing following lecture
when: *Monday Night <x-apple-data-detectors://0> 6 November @ 8pm*
Where: *Carlebach Shul 70 Dolev*
Open to public -- no charge

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