[BS/RBS list] Free refrigerator.

Miriam Kaplan tardismummy at gmail.com
Wed Oct 25 03:03:01 EDT 2017

Giving away a fridge. First person (people-it’s big) to get it down eight
stairs, gets it.
Here are the facts:
It works. Not completely great. Freezer still freezes. Fridge is cool but
not as cold as it should be. It has an incontinence issue ( dripping from
It would be good as a second fridge in a garage or for day use. Didn’t
perform well over the 3 day yomtov when full.
Amcor 500 litres.
You’ll need a van. It won’t fit in a car.
Our dog will bark through the door of the house but he can’t get out.
There’s life in the old boy yet.
Please find it outside Nachal Shimshon 14.

When it’s gone, it’s gone.
Look after him- he has served us well.

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