[BS/RBS list] IMPORTANT message fom Michael Malka

David sunsurfer44 at yahoo.com
Tue Oct 24 10:00:46 EDT 2017

Having just used the services of Michael Malka, we can highly recommend him.
He is a certified electrician who does all electric repairs, upgrades and installationsand offers advice for overload solutions.He recognises emergency work and comes on time-or phones if unexpectedly delayed.Polite, excellent service.We were very impressed with his good advice-much of which we didn't know.Take a minute to read this below, and contact Micha'el direct. More details in Shemeshphone 2017Rochel
Did you know that fridges sold before 2009 can be dangerous? I know of 2 fires caused recently by the capacitor, which sits at the back of the fridge, exploding in RBSa homes. Fortunately, each fire went out itself, and no one was hurt.Fridges bought after 2009 are built differently, and do not have this capacitor.ADVICE: Call me, or your own registered electrician asap to cancel this unit. (Not advised to DIY as it is dangerous.)

PROBLEM: You should have a circuit breaker in your electricity box.(It's that light grey box in the middle.)It needs changing after about 10 years!ADVICE: I will come and check it and insert a new one if needed.  
DID YOU KNOW that you need to have your electricity box checked once or twice a year?
Because of street noises which cause vibration, the screws and wires are liable to come loose.As a registered electrician let me check this for you at the same time.
Micha'el Malka

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