[BS/RBS list] Hilchos Shabbos class continues and Change in location (correction)

Shoshana Goldwag Weiner shosh2424 at gmail.com
Mon Oct 23 15:38:06 EDT 2017

> We are happy to announce that the hilchos shabbos shiur with Rabbi
> Horovitz continues! It will take place on Wednesday morning at 8:45 am.
> This week the location changed and next week also to Abby Kornblit -
> Lachish 3 knissa alef (there is no number on the building)from barkol its
> the first building on the left side
> 2nd floor,Apt 6
> The topics will be: Maintenance of food on the fire (שהייה), returning
> food to the blech or plata (חזרה) and insulating/enwrapping hot food
> (הטמנה).
> 20 shekels a class
> Contact Shoshana Weiner shosh2424 at gmail.com (rbs resident)

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