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Mon Oct 23 02:26:27 EDT 2017

RBV 28/50

Our chefs prepare a mouth watering display of delicious fish and meat
dishes and more lichvod Shabbat!

Come and choose, or call 077-7503730, or 0504-408107 before you come,to
have your order prepared ready for pick up.

Cut out (or take a photo of) this discount coupon and show it when youpay
for your order for Shabbat and Yom Tov. Valid for erev Shabbat take-out
when you spend a minimum of 100sh.

    10% off for Shabbat Take-out
With minimum purchase of 100 NIS
              ALEGRIA, NAIMI MALL
                   (Shemesh List)

 * CONVENIENT VENUE for every occasion! Plenty of parking, wheelchair
accessible! * CATERING SERVICE from 40sh per person.  Many satisfied
customersfrom when we began this service!

* BUSINESS LUNCH: 12 noon until 5 pm.  From 49sh per person!

Mehadrin B'datz Beit Yosef.

ALEGRIA Meat Grill Restaurant
Naimi Mall,2, Derech Rabin,Beit ShemeshSunday to Thursday from 11am until
11pm, Friday from 8am until 2pm

Reservations and inquiries: 077-7503730  See Alegria and Avi Skory in
ShemeshPhone 2017



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