[BS/RBS list] Taekwondo Chug!

Tzvi Wapner tzvi1991 at gmail.com
Sun Oct 22 12:51:01 EDT 2017

Taekwondo Chug for children and young adults is continuing to serve the
community for another great year.
The classes are run by a 4th degree black belt, Wingate certified coach, a
member of Israel's national team and over 10 years of experience teaching
children of all ages.
* The classes are in small groups  with personal attention to    everyone.
* Offering an all girls group!
* Classes take place in a fully   equipped mirrored air conditioned studio
creating a safe  and fun environment to train  Martial Arts in.

For more details please send an email to tzviwapner at gmail.com
Local small business

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