[BS/RBS list] Iso hypoallergenic deodorant

Gideon Yavin גדעון יבין gideonyavin at gmail.com
Sun Oct 22 11:35:15 EDT 2017


When I developed sensitivities to various deodorants I learned from a nurse
to use Soda Bicarbonate or, as it is known here, Soda LeShtiya.  After a
shower, you wet your hand, put just a pinch and dissolve it into a paste
and smear it on.  It kills off the bacteria that causes the bad odor
instead of masking it and without blocking pores.  One can then apply
whatever perfume one feels like.

It makes laundering easier, it s far cheaper than the other solutions and
it actually more hygienic than many of the other solutions.

Good luck
Gideon Yavin

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