[BS/RBS list] inexpensive calls to and from Israel

Feldman Family dkfeldman1 at gmail.com
Sun Oct 22 10:54:45 EDT 2017

does your family call you from 'chul? how much are they paying?

do you make a lot of calls to the states or Canada for business?
are you going on vacation and need an inexpensive way to check up on the 
kids and parents?

we are a calling card company that enables you to call for less money 
then most other programs.

we give you a local access number and once you are on our system, calls 
are extremely inexpensive.

to call Israel from America is 1  1/2 cents per minute on a land line, 3 
cents for a mobile phone.

to call America from Israel, to almost every destination, is 1.9 cents a 

you can pay as you go, the calls are metered according to destination rate;

or if you make a LOT of calls we have an unlimited program for $14.99 
which give you unlimited calls to America Israel, and Canada

call us to find out more: 03-720-7462

in America call: 212-381-9666 or 877-951-2022

or go to this link:


Harel Feldman

Bet Shemesh resident

local small business

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