[BS/RBS list] Shiur tomorrow morning- Should the Rabbanut run Israel's Kashrut?

Matan Bet Shemesh matanbetshemesh at gmail.com
Sun Oct 22 08:42:56 EDT 2017

Join Matan Bet Shemesh for Rabbi Jon Duker's exciting course "Timeless
Issues in Modern Israel" -
Tomorrow he will discuss "Should the Rabbanut run Israel's Kashrut?"

8:30-9:40 am upstairs at Netzach Menashe
It's not too late to join - You can also attend individual shiurim!
Men and Women welcome (both women and men currently attend the class - you
won't be the "only one")

Mrs. Melissa Rayman -  מליסה ריימן
Administrator-Matan Bet Shemesh- מתן בית שמש

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