[BS/RBS list] Night Kollel - מסכת קידושין‎

Rachel Abraham s.rachel.abraham at gmail.com
Sun Oct 22 05:22:25 EDT 2017

It is the perfect time to join the Kollel Erev Shinun b'halacha. - כולל ערב
שינון בהלכה. An evening kollel designed for working professionals who are
looking for a serious night seder in a warm chabura setting.

The kollel will be starting *מסכת קידושין*. The chabura is led by *Rav
Chaim Eisenstein*.

Starting Sunday Night, October 22 (ב' מרחשון)
*9:30pm - 10:30pm*.

Seder throughout the week with a *chabura shiur once a week*, as well
as a *Mishna
Berura Yomi* Shiur with Dirshu.

Location: Beis Medrash Hagadol *Maasas Mordechia* - 33 Nachal Dolev.

Any questions re: the chabura can be addressed to:

   - Rav Chaim Eisenstein - chaimeisenstein at gmail.com
   - Daniel Feiner 052.426.9890 - feinderde at gmail.com
   - Rafi Abraham 058.779.4377 - rafi.m.abraham at gmail.com

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