[BS/RBS list] tremendous resource right here in our city - Amutat Kehilla!

Buckman Family family at thebuckmans.com
Sun Oct 22 03:57:39 EDT 2017

I made a birthday party for our three-year-old granddaughter and was looking for something special to do.  It turns out that we have an outstanding resource for this – and so much more! – right here in Beit Shemesh at Kibbutz Tamuz – Amutat Kehilla!  The amuta does lots of great stuff related to community-building – learn more at http://www.tamuz.org.il/kehilla/ – but for this particular event, they lent me fantastic equipment for giant bubble making as well as a whole suitcase of their specially manufactured “Mischakia” games for all ages – giant floor games that were great fun!  All the years I’ve lived here, I knew about Amutat Kehilla but had no idea that they also had created this amazing Mischakia and offered such great equipment for the use of Beit Shemesh residents.  Just wanted to spread the word!  Special thanks to Efrat Flam who is one of their hard-working volunteers and made the arrangements for me to get the equipment.

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