[BS/RBS list] shadchanit

Chaya Ginzburg batyayochai at hotmail.com
Sun Oct 22 03:26:29 EDT 2017


Are you ready to go out?
What’s it all about?
It’s about finding you soul mate
Wouldn’t that be great !
So, what I suggest
It would be for your best
-  Is to give me a call
Whether you are short or tall
Fat or thin, young or old
Be a bit bold
When you meet me face to face
At which ever place
That it’s worth your while
I will include you in my file
You let out a sigh
I say, “Hurry - come by!”
Don’t give up hope
It’s not worth it to mope
I have so many names on my list
You really have to persist
Hashem will help you through me
Don’t give up, come and see!

Chaya Channa Ginzburg (shadchanit)  - 0504141797  (Charges fees for service)
Small local business

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