[BS/RBS list] Sales on closets ! Standard size, or sliding doors at Tiv Harahit fine furniture.

חני קוטקס rbsafurniture at gmail.com
Sun Oct 22 03:16:42 EDT 2017

Sales now at Tiv Harahit on closets.
We also do custom sized closets, and sliding doors, gorgeous finish, all
sizes..If you need several closets we offer a free service to come and take
measurements for you .

Great deals now on mattresses and beds from the best manufacturers!
Polyron, Therapedic, American system....Sleep in comfort at a price you can
Bed bases of many types, at low prices.
Master bedroom furniture, children's bedroom furniture, trundle beds,  bunk
beds,hi risers, couch beds, triple beds, and more, all high quality and at
affordable prices!

Couches for every budget! Italian leather from Calia Italia, or American
couches with recliners at really low prices, super comfortable. Also
excellent quality couches made in Israel.

Dining room furniture, all types of chairs , and many styles of dining room
tables to choose from.

Seforim shanks/ book cases, all types, extremely strong quality, in variety
of colors and styles.

Open every morning or afternoon by appointment.
Evenings from 7:30 p.m. -9:30 p.m.
Nachal Maor 14/3, RBS A
Dovid and Chanie Kotkes

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