[BS/RBS list] Car service to Kotel for Vasikin organized for MONDAY AM

Sue Bernstein sue.bernstein17 at gmail.com
Sat Oct 21 13:35:38 EDT 2017

Here's the info; if you're interested contact me before 4pm on Sunday at
650.8227 or 054.727.8372; leave a clear message.
a. Leaving at 5AM from RBSA only; return from Kotel not provided.
b. One person: 100/person; 2 people: 74/person; 4 people: 60/person.
c. I'll balance ladies/men so there will be no mixed seating.
d. You must pre-pay by 4pm on Sunday so as no to confuse cheshbon for other
passengers; you'll get a receipt.
e. We're going with Mark Polevy Taxi.
RBSA resident.

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