[BS/RBS list] Back to School Peanuts!

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Sat Oct 21 12:36:38 EDT 2017

Peanuts... are they a fancy food, or a lowly legume?  Truth is, they are both!

And they are wonderfully full of nutrition that builds body and brain. 

If you want your kids to keep maximum focus in school, be sure to send peanuts (protein and mineral rich) with them several times weekly.

And the first five of you who come in for a consultation with us, will enjoy our complimentary gift to you -- a free huge can of gourmet jumbo peanuts!

And we will educate you on how to feed your children for top brain performance, without medications. With our grocery list, and targeted levels of nutraceuticals, if needed.

Help your kids attain their full potential in learning and in happy development!

You will look forward to report cards and teacher conferences.  :-)

Sarah Alpert, MA FMP, Director
    Nutritional & General Psychology
    Functional Medicine Consultant

Helping people heal since 1994

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