[BS/RBS list] I attended Rav Jon Duker's excellent class, highly recommended

Shoshana Levine shoshrudlev at gmail.com
Mon Oct 16 06:01:41 EDT 2017

Disclaimer: I am an enthusiastic student of Matan Bet Shemesh but not
employed by Matan!

Today was the first class of Rav Jon Duker's Matan Bet Shemesh class
entitled Timeless Issues in Modern Israel, and it was fascinating.  The
idea is to examine current issues and dilemmas that we face living in the
modern day Medinat Yisrael, through the lens and perspective of the Torah,
Halacha, and Chazal, as well as historical events and precedents that
affect those issues. Today we began to talk about Kashrut certification,
and went back to the Gemara, looking at sources in Masechtot Chulin and
Avoda Zara, the Tur, and jumped forward to Ottoman rule, the British
Mandate, and current headlines.  I recommend this class to all, women and
men are welcome, Monday mornings at 8:30 am.  For more info, write to
mbs at matan.org.il.
Shoshana Levine

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