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Mon Oct 16 04:38:36 EDT 2017

additional emailings (besides free Sunday): MMA 6/10

Martial Arts classes for boys, teens, and men.

Join us in our private studio in Ramat Beit Shemesh A.
Sign up with a friend - you both get a discount!
Class size is limited.

     Weekly group classes are based on the traditional Korean martial art
Tae Kwon Do.  Training in traditional martial arts is a proven way to learn
discipline, practice respect, improve concentration (which helps with
school work and/or job success), become more self-confident, gain
self-control, and grow emotionally while improve one's physical

Also available: Private training, custom mini-courses,
     self-defense courses for girls, teens, and women, and more - contact

     Master Americus has over 35 years experience training and teaching
martial arts in the USA and Israel.
     His experience includes the traditional martial arts of Tae Kwon Do,
Hap Ki Do, Han Guk Mu Sool, self-defense, and related areas such as
travel safety (for the tourist or business traveler), and street safety.
    Master Americus teaches children and adults, and is well known
for addressing the particular needs of his students.

Free trial classes this week!
Register now to reserve a spot!

Please contact for full details:
Martial Arts Academy
m.arts.academy at gmail.com
077-431-0116 / 052-786-7040

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