[BS/RBS list] Cutting Down Trees on 38

Suzanne Feldhamer sfeldhamer at gmail.com
Mon Oct 16 04:08:19 EDT 2017

We live on HaArazim w road 38 right behind us. Last week , EVERY tree -
which gave us a modicum of  privacy from the road and somewhat protected us
from traffic noise - was cut down. With 38 being widened, the road will be
closer to us and volume of cars will be greater, and yet, the only
protective barrier has been destroyed
 I made 20 calls today  to find out whether a wall was being built ( I
heard it is being built for some residents of Rechov HaTapuch right next to
me) :
The mayor, deputy mayor, 106
, engineering etc.
Either no answer or refusal to help..
To whom can I turn for info and the same rights that are afforded others?
Any help would be greatly appreciated

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