[BS/RBS list] A Request for Assistance to Help Anat Obtain the Necessary Furniture and Appliances

ירוחם אסטריכר yeru1978 at gmail.com
Sun Oct 15 17:17:46 EDT 2017

Dear Generous Bet Shemesh Residents,

Baruch HaShem, Anat was able to enter her new apartment and spent the
Holidays there with her children.

However, Anat still lacks most of the necessary furniture and appliances to
function normally in her new apartment.

Fortunately, as Anat is recognized as 100% disabled, the Government is
willing to fund the purchase of the basic furniture and appliances (a
sofa-bed and electric stove). However the delivery and
installation/construction costs are not covered by the Government, and
these expenses run to approximately 750 Shekels.

Since Anat herself cannot afford these expenses, I am attempting to raise
the money for her from donations - so that she can have these items
delivered as soon as possible.

Please donate with generosity to help this unfortunate lady obtain the
basics for her apartment.

As always, DONATIONS can be made in the following ways:

1. Transfers to the Anat Nagar ben Shabbat Bank Account at Bank HaDoar (the
Postal Bank), Branch #001, Account #3154052

2. At the Gelt Center money-changers whose office is opposite the Klalit
Health Fund offices in the RBS-Alef shopping center.

With Best Wishes,

Yeruham Estreicher

ירוחם אסטריכר
נייד: 0544882116

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