[BS/RBS list] Tefilot need for the injured boys of a recent traffic accident

Ruth posnruth at gmail.com
Sun Oct 15 16:57:25 EDT 2017

Four friends from the Ariel youth movement aged 18-19 left Bet Shemesh to
celebrate Simchat Torah down south. Their car overturned in a fatal traffic
accident in which two lost their lives. Two were badly injured and are in
need of Rachamei Shomayim.

Please pray for them.

Take a few moments and open this link.
Read a perek of Tehilim-or more for both bnei yeshivot- for a full

אלמוג דוד בן סיגל (Almog David ben Sigal)  and נחשון מאיר בן הינדל רות
(Nachshon Meir ben Hindel Rut)
If each one of us reads -even a little, together we can complete the whole
sefer tehilim for their recovery.

הרב חגי בר גיורא


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