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Sun Oct 15 06:04:11 EDT 2017

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Come try out our classes this week and next week at the RBS Dance and Music

-Dance classes in Jazz, Contemporary, Ballet, Musical Theatre and Hip Hop!
Ages starting at 4 years old!
Beginner classes for teens and women!

- Voice technique and performance classes with Professional
Singer/Songwriter, Judith Gerzi, Jezliah and Sapir. Learn new and fun vocal
warm ups to strengthen your voice and broaden your range. Dive into an
innovative program that will inspire you unleash you inner voice and
enhance your performance skills! There are many performance opportunities
throughout the year! For ages starting from 9 years old, teens and women.

-Piano/Keyboard Composition and Music Theory- group classes for girls,
teens and women. Starting from age 9.

-Guitar classes for beginners! Group classes for girls, teen and women.
Starting from age 9.

For more information and registration
Call 053.627.6780/058.4880060 or visit us at www.rbsdma.com

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