[BS/RBS list] looking for translator from Hebrew to English

Shoshana Ross sosofsky at gmail.com
Sun Oct 15 01:50:16 EDT 2017

As part of a protocol for a research study that is being conducted, the
consent forms, which were translated to Hebrew, need to be re-translated to
English to check the accuracy.

I am looking for someone who can translate 5 documents from HEBREW to
ENGLISH in the next week (they should be ready in a couple of days).

The documents are between 2-4 pages long and several of them are almost
identical (so it's not really translating 5 documents - ie one is a male
version and one a female version, etc).

If you are available to do this with a quick turn around (receiving
documents mid-week and able to turn it around within a week), please email
me your name, number/email address, experience (what makes you qualified to
do this?), and how much you charge.

Thank you,
Shoshi Ross
sosofsky at gmail.com

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