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Sun Oct 15 01:37:05 EDT 2017

Josh Phaff's World of Fun is the new toy and shtick store everyone is
talking about! Its the one-stop shop for the most unique toys, gifts and
*shticky* things on the planet! Here you’ll find a dazzling selection of
fun, quirky, creative and nostalgic toys & *tchatchkas*. New items arriving
EVERY week! Indulge yourself in the joy of childhood at Josh Phaff’s World
of Fun!

*F*ANTASTIC *F*AMILY *F*UN outdoor and indoor toys.  Something fun for

*The Aquapod Bottle Rocket Launcher
<https://www.worldoffun.co.il/product-page/aquapod-bottle-launcher>* -
Launch an ordinary bottle 11 stories high -100 feet into the air!

*Tim Bird <https://www.worldoffun.co.il/product-page/tim-bird> **-* A
mechanical marvel! Rubber band powered! Watch Tim fly over 45 meters!

*Turbospoke <https://www.worldoffun.co.il/product-page/turbospoke>** -* The
ultimate bicycle upgrade. Make your bike look and sound like a motorbike!
*Blocks & Marbles* -
of creative maze-building! Kids and adults alike will be intrigued for

Going to a Bar Mitzva, birthday or looking for a gift? Give a the most
unique and memorable gift -World of Fun gift certificates are now

*Store hours:** Sun-Thurs. 2-7pm. Friday 10:30-1:30pm.   *

*Josh Phaff*

*RBS A: *Under the Yesh supermarket in the "Parking-Lot Mini Mall".
*JERUSALEM:* Rav Shefa Mall-2nd Floor, 16 Shamgar St

* See why everyone is raving about Josh Phaff's World of Fun*. Here are a
few comments heard from kids and adults in the new store.

*"I didnt think the store would be this cool!"*
*"Beit Shemesh needs a real toy store like this with the good quality toys"*
*"This is my favorite store now"*
*"This is my kinda shop!"*
*"Im gonna buy out this store when I get a chance!"*
*"your a really good sales person. Your funny. You should do birthday
parties!" *(I do!;)
*"you should open up more branches"*
*"You have all the cool toys!"*
*"This is really a fun shop!"*
*"I think my son found a new store that he's going to be coming to
everyday" *(so far he has!:)
*"These are the good toys not the ones at the Shekel store"*
*"OK. We must go. Its dangerous being here. I'm gonna start buying
*"Wow! you have so many toys that I grew up with"*


World of Fun

Cell: 054-474-8425
US: 347-502-2618
UK: 203-642-8452
Fax: 057-796-1967

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