[BS/RBS list] You New Year Demands Much...

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Sat Oct 14 12:32:42 EDT 2017

Build your husband. Fortify your family. And even if you think you have not much left to give... grow yourself so you will have more!

Let's get busy, in all of these tasks.

The tools of your effectiveness include a bright smile, a compassionate heart, and zip your lip when grouchiness or critical comments are about to leap out of your mouth! There are correct ways to handle these potentially harmful feelings and situations.

Self care begins with optimal food, rest, and time spent learning proper women's ways in a kosher family!

It is YOU who sets the tone, and gives out love and confidence.

No small job!

Join one of our programs, and fortify your deepest self. Your husband will be thrilled. And everyone reaps benefit.

Shavua tov, a very good yeat!

Sarah Alpert, MA FMP
      Nutritional & General Psychology
      Functional Medicine Consultant

Helping people heal since 1994

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