[BS/RBS list] Looking for a good home for cat

Natalie Kovan nmkovan at gmail.com
Tue Oct 10 03:48:03 EDT 2017

A good Moed to all..... We have been feeding a kitten that appeared by our back porch for about a month and a half--the mother, it seems has abandoned him for the most part. We were thinking of officially adopting this cat, but being that we would want to make him exclusively an indoor cat, we feel maybe it's best to find him ( yes, it's a him) a home where he has more space to roam and grow. He is a beautiful cat ( and I'm not a cat person), but everyone who sees him gets immediately attached. We took him to the vet for a preliminary visit, and everyone was shocked at how well behaved and docile it is.... Right now it is curled up on our deck in a box, and we are still feeding it. The vet told us it cannot stay outside, being that it is getting colder and the rains have begun--any takers? Thanks so much!

Michal a Kovan

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