[BS/RBS list] dog walking service

Uri Portal uriportal_1999 at yahoo.com
Sun Oct 8 05:16:08 EDT 2017

If you have no time to walk your dog this is just for you!

Give your dog a fun and cheap way to play have fun and be happy without you moving from your house.

I charge 10 shekalim a walk  [each one 10-30 min depending on your dogs energy level]

After 5 walks you get 1 free walk. 

I clean after your dog.

Your dog will enjoy the exercise, and socialize with other dogs.

And guaranteed to come home tired and happy which is known to eliminate 90% of bad behavior [barking, biting ,chewing on furniture and more]

Limited to RBSA.

For more details please call 0527791377 ask for Menachem   I am available all day.

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