[BS/RBS list] Recommendation for Lock Masters- Uriel Harbater, he does alarm systems too

Andrew Gitt gitt613 at gmail.com
Wed Oct 4 03:19:08 EDT 2017

I just wanted to say how impressed I am with Uriel. He installed an alarm
for us 3 years ago and every time we had an issue or question he has be
happy to answer even at 10pm at night and stopping by the house at no
charge, just to make sure everything is ok.  His customer service is A+++
(quite unusual these days if I may add).

Here is my testimonial for Uriel who didn't ask for it, in fact he's so
busy he really doesn't need it, but from hakores hatov, I thought it was
appropriate and good for others to know of him.

He's an american by the way that speaks fluent hebrew as well.

Shifra and Mordechai Gitt

Lock Masters- Uriel Harbater in RBS

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