[BS/RBS list] You may remove my name from your thillim/tfillot lists

Petite Safranit petite.safranit at verizon.net
Tue Oct 3 19:45:30 EDT 2017

Dearest family, friends, and communities,

B"H, I don't think I need your beautiful tfillot for *Chaya Buna bas 
Aliza* as of now. I am still under medical observation, but so far, so 
good. I cannot begin to thank all of my dear friends and communities for 
the devoted and loving tfillot for my refuah. HKB"H did, indeed, listen 
to theseĀ  sincere requests with ahava and rachamim and granted me life. 
With the 100's, if not thousands, of people davening for me throughout 
the world, HaShem must have thought I was worth saving. Thank you. May 
we all be blessed with a year of GOOD health, strength, joy, simcha, 
nachas, success, prosperity, contentment and peace. May ALL the cholim 
of k'lal yisrael be granted a refuah shleima and joyous life. I will be 
davening for you. A wonderful chag sameach to all.

With affection,

Ilene Wieselthier (Chaya Buna bas Aliza)

Silver Spring - Ramat Bet Shemesh

P.S. If you have put my name on various thillim lists, international 
and/or local, please notify them of the change in my status. Thank you.

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