[BS/RBS list] Yeshiva Bein Hazemanim

Brian Thau brianthau at gmail.com
Tue Oct 3 04:47:21 EDT 2017

Bet Shemesh community is proud to announce that we will be having our
Yeshiva Bein Hazemanim program at BMTL( Rechov Asher 1) for all the shuls
and all ages to learn in the beit Medrash. breakfast foods and snacks are
available throughout the day.

If you woul dlike to sponsor Breakfast lilluy Nishmat or in honor of
someone please contact Rabbi Brian Thau.

Rabbi Yair Geal -Dor will be in the beit medrash all day and is available
to answer questions there.

if You have any questions please feel free to contact Yair Geal Dor Rosh
Yeshiva Yashbaz Beit Shemesh or Baruch Thau assistant to the Rosh Yeshiva @


Rabbi Baruch (Brian) Thau

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Fresh Meadows, NY 11366-9897

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