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Free advertising on Shemesh-List, which goes to over 4500
English-speaking subscribers is limited to Sundays ONLY and is an
added benefit for ShemeshPhone advertisers.(FREE AD Sunday is a 2000
nis yearly value for our ShemeshPhone customers).You qualify for FREE
AD SUNDAY if you are either a ShemeshPhone advertiser (minimum ad
applies)or a small business, service or organization in Bet Shemesh
that does not pay for advertising in any other venue (weekly
magazines, flyers, posters etc.) If you qualify for FREE AD SUNDAY
according to the above rules, please write “local small business” or
“ShemeshPhone advertiser” on the bottom of your email to ensure that
your posting will be accepted.

This is a community service, provided by Shemesh Media to help small
businesses grow until they are large enough to have an advertising

Each business is allowed one posting per FREE AD SUNDAY. FREE AD
SUNDAY postings must be received by list at shemesh.co.il anytime from
Tzet Shabbat through 11pm Sunday night. All postings received after
11pm will be automatically discarded (no exceptions). Send your post

If you would like to post on the BS/RBS email list but you do not fall
into either of the above two categories, or if you would like to post
on a different day of the week, please contact sales at shemesh.co.il to
receive pricing information. A package of ten emails can be purchased
for as little as 300 nis.

Shemesh Online allows brief recommendations for businesses on the
email list if they are sent according to the following list

Recommendations posted (not on FREE AD SUNDAY) can include only the
name of the business and the recommendation, not a telephone number.
Additional contact details may be offered offline by follow-up email
or a reference to the businesses details in the ShemeshPhone or on
Shemesh OnLine.

Example: I just used Shlomies Dry Cleaners in RBS A. He was great!
Never saw my clothes so clean. If you want to know how to contact him,
respond to this email or find his ad in the ShemeshPhone.

If the recommendation is posted on FREE AD SUNDAY, the contact details
may be included in the email, as long as it is a BS/RBS based

No “me too” recommendations. They will be automatically discarded.

Individuals (not businesses) may advertise an item or items for sale
four times but not more than once per week. This includes Garage Sales
as long as they are not advertised elsewhere in a paid advertisement.
If so, then one may pay for postings on the Shemesh List. These sales
MUST be located in the BS/RBS area.

It must be located in BS/RBS. If you are NOT paying to advertise the
apartment in any other venue, then please post on FREE AD SUNDAY. One
may pay for postings on other days of the week or if the sale/rental
is advertised elsewhere or if the sale/rental is not in BS/RBS. Please
contact sales at shemesh.co.il

Community organizations that are not paying to advertise in any other
venue may post events, shiurim or fund raising sales in the Bet
Shemesh/RBS area up to four times but not more than once per week
according to the following schedule: three posts in advance of the
event/sale and once right before or during the event/sale. If the
organization is paying to advertise in other venues,the organization
is NOT entitled to FREE advertising on Shemesh-List. Contact
sales at shemesh.co.il to purchase a low cost/effective advertising
package. The moderators reserve the right to make exceptions at their

We are not permitted to allow unsubstantiated medical claims made in
emails about various natural supplements and therapies. You may post
the sale of your product or service without the medical claims.

When posting that you are looking for a ride to a simcha, please post
in this format: "Looking for a ride to (fill in the blank) hall on
Tues night" (Specify the hall and not the family who is making the
simcha). We do not allow the posting of family names for the following
1. The family hosting the simcha might not want everyone who reads the
list to know they are making a simcha as they cannot invite everyone
and it might inadvertently insult someone who was not invited.
2. There have been many instances where ba'ale simcha are burglarized
the night of the simcha as unscrupulous individuals are made aware of
who is making a simcha and when.

FREE FORUMS for Summer/Pesach Camp/Activities etc Postings:
We have created a Summer/Pesach Forum at www.shemesh.co.il.

You can post to the forum for FREE any Summer/Pesach camp/activity
using one of the following methods:

1. Post directly to the Forums at www.shemesh.co.il
2. Send your message to forums at shemesh.co.il and we will post it for you

If you have any questions, please contact us at list-owner at shemesh.co.il

Summer/Pesach Forums are another FREE community service sponsored by

If you would li ke to post a summer/Pesach listing on Shemesh-List
list and are not entitled to FREE AD SUNDAY (i.e. you pay to advertise
your service elsewhere) or if you would like to post on a different
day of the week,  please contact sales at shemesh.co.il to receive
pricing information.

List advertising is a low cost and very effective advertising medium
for your business. Contact sales at shemesh.co.il to advertise.

The List moderators do not accept any responsibility for comments,
recommendations, information, or opinions expressed on this list. The
poster of the message bears sole responsibility for their posting.
S.M.L. Shemesh Media (Shemesh OnLine and ShemeshPhone) shall not be
held liable for any loss or damage caused to users or third-parties
arising directly or indirectly from the use of this service.

List Moderators, ShemeshPhone and Shemesh Media reserve the right to
refuse any posting, advertising or publication without qualification.
If you have a comment or complaint, please write directly to
moderators at shemesh.co.il.









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