[BS/RBS list] PSA: Sukkot 5778 supermarket hours in RBS A + Osher Ad - partial info

Aryeh Koenigsberg aryeh.koenigsberg at gmail.com
Sun Oct 1 13:53:55 EDT 2017

Public Service Announcement:

Here is partial information about operating hours at select supermarkets in
RBS A for Sukkot 5778, published at the stores as of 1 October 2017:

To be announced

Shuk Mehadrin:
Sun, 1 October: until 11:00 pm
Mon-Tue, 2-3 Oct.: until midnight
Wed, Erev Sukkot, 4 Oct.: until 2:30 pm
Fri, Chol Hamoed, 6 Oct.: until 2:30 pm

Best Market:
To be announced

Osher Ad:
Sun, 1 October - Fri, Chol Hamoed, 6 Oct.: regular
Sun, Chol Hamoed: until 8:00 pm
Mon, Chol Hamoed: until 10:00 pm
Tue, Chol Hamoed: until midnight
Wed, Chol Hamoed: regular Erev Shabbat/chag

More to come, IY"H...

Aryeh Koenigsberg


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