[BS/RBS list] Allegria chag/Shabbat take out hours this week?

Ruth posnruth at gmail.com
Sun Oct 1 10:47:28 EDT 2017

I just came back from Alegria and found out.
The answer is BOTH.

They have a large sukka up already, they are open Chol Hamo'ed and will
honour the 10% discount coupon which is in their ad on the List, erev
Sukkot, erev  Simchat Torah and each Friday.

PS their food erev Rosh Hashana was delicious! I now keep extra coupons in
my purse.

Here's the one now in use.

10% off for Shabbat/Chagim Take-out

​דרך שמשפון ליסט!



Wednesday morning, Friday morning or both?

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